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EMOTION was born in 2014 from an idea of ​​a group of Umbrian entrepreneurs to propose solutions for electric mobility.

The operational headquarters is in Corciano (PG) where all the research, production (from the assembly of the columns to the software development) and personalized assistance take place, thanks to a team that constantly updates its skills, in order to improve performance of our products in terms of productivity, reliability and efficiency.

In 2020 it became part of the Camer Gas & Power group, one of the leading companies in the energy markets in Puglia.


The main products and services

EMOTION SRL offers a variety of charging stations to satisfy any type of need, both for individuals and companies. The products offered are characterized by the craftsmanship in the realization, the adaptability, the degree of customization and the quality of the made in Italy.

The company "Mission".

The "Mission" of EMOTION SRL is to seek innovation and a profound environmental, social and ethical responsibility with the aim of growing the global footprint within the energy and automation sector, thanks also to participation in Horizon 2020 European projects.

To this end, the Company has decided to develop a Quality and Environmental Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 Standards, identifying as central the commitment to align the organization, the approach, internal processes and offer to clients to recognized standards based on the results of the Context Analysis and taking into consideration the needs of all internal and external stakeholders.

The quality of the services provided is a direct consequence of the way the structure operates, which, in order to be successful, annually carries out an analysis of the company risks, defining the objectives to be pursued and the actions to reduce or minimize the risks.

The above policy is reflected in the quality objectives, measurable and quantifiable, which will be explained and monitored during the Quality System Review phases periodically carried out by the Management.

All Company Managers are required to satisfy all the requirements of the Quality System, to disseminate knowledge and to systematically monitor the operational activities, in order to ensure that all personnel operate with adequate competence with regard to the quality requirements of the service and the defined operating procedures in established procedures.

All personnel are committed to pursuing continuous quality improvement in the development of their activities, within the framework of company policy and directives.


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