HYPERRIDE: Hybrid Provision of Energy based on Reliability and Resiliency by Integration of Dc Equipment

HYPERRIDE will provide technical solutions for grid planning, operation strategies and its implementation via automation technologies and algorithms of DC and hybrid AC-DC grids. HYPERRIDE will develop a layer-based control architecture for future hybrid AC/DC grids that enables a stable grid operation even under failure situations or cyber-attack scenarios.

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Historically, DC grids were conceived and deployed more than 100 years ago, but due to technical deficiencies of DC equipment at that time, AC systems have become technology of choice used to build modern power systems. The dominance of AC was facilitated by the ease of transforming AC electrical energy to different voltage levels through the AC transformer, needed for efficient transportation over long distances. But nowadays, thanks to progress in power electronic conversion related technologies, DC systems are increasingly coming back into the modern power system. HVDC power transmission is one of the early adopters of DC, due to reduction of transmission losses that greatly overcome the capital investments whenever transmission distances are longer than a certain break-even distance. When cables must be used, this distance is short, around 100 km, which means that most undersea power transmission is made by DC. At device level, DC is also having a comeback: low-voltage DC systems are very common in telecom applications and datacentres and are being considered for various industrial installations. This is mainly motivated by the fact that end user equipment (e.g. server-CPUs) are of DC nature and direct distribution of DC power, reduces the number of conversion stages, improving the overall system efficiency, while reducing its complexity, thus improving reliability. The high switching frequencies of DC/DC converters result in smaller passive components and consequently a reduction in size, weight, and cost. Another major driver for DC technologies is increased deployment of renewable energy generation, predominantly PV generation, which is inherently DC by nature. This resulted in concepts of DC collection and distribution grids, as a way to collect generation into a local power distribution network prior to export to a utility power system. Therefore, next implementation steps are demonstrators showcasing the benefits of such infrastructures. In direct accordance with the scope of the call, HYPERRIDE will focus on the demonstration of DC and hybrid AC/DC grids with LV and/or MV connection. Thus, technological, social, economic challenges are identified and subsequently needed innovations accelerated to reach reasonably high TRLs within the project duration. Emotion is mainly involved in the grid infrastructure and grid operation activities at the Italian demonstration site, providing solutions with focus on e-mobility. Emotion will contribute to requirements, use cases and open/secure ICT for modular resilient optimized hybrid grid specification, as well as, Emotion will contribute to the monitoring and control automation architecture for hybrid AC/DC distribution network implementation. Finally, Emotion will contribute in HYPERRIDE’s dissemination and exploitation activities.